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What is Personal Best?

Personal Best is a fitness tracking app for iPhone. It reads your workouts from Apple Health and turns them into insights, leaderboards, fun facts, and more.

Personal Best doesn’t record workouts itself, it leaves that to apps better specialised for it – like Strava, Peloton and Apple Fitness.

Key features

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What’s the story behind it?

I’m Shaun, an indie iOS developer in London, UK. In April 2020 during the UK’s lockdown I decided to learn SwiftUI so I’d have something to in the evenings other than rewatch Friends for the sixteenth time. A week later, Personal Best was live on the App Store!

Since then, I’ve been hard at work improving it, adding widgets, notifications, custom leaderboards, sharing and loads more features. My goal is for Personal Best to be considered a best-in-class iOS app.

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Questions and enquiries

I’m happy to make myself available to any journalists, bloggers or podcasters wishing to discuss Personal Best or independent iOS app development. Get in touch via Twitter or email to schedule something.


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